A New Direction

I would like to introduce you to a new direction I’m taking in my art.  Last fall I found some subject matter that encompassed just about everything I’ve been interested in over the years.  In studying this subject matter I have found a way to combine my scientific background and interest with my artistic ones.

Fractals are things which are self-similar on smaller and smaller scales.  There are many examples of fractals in nature and other websites have done a great job of explaining them if you are interested in learning.  But fractals can also be created using mathematics, and some of our technological devices depend on them.  Many  people have discovered the fun of creating fractal art digitally using software.  The possibilities are endless.  I have gone beyond this digital creation to painting some of the images I’ve created as well.

I recently entered a math and science based art competition with three of my fractal watercolour paintings.  You can help me win by voting for them at the following link, and it’s possible to vote once every 24 hours, so please don’t be shy about voting more than once!




One response to “A New Direction

  1. If you’ve happened upon this post, the paintings are still visible at the link (under ART, at the side) called Some different work…

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