Come and visit during my fall open house

Every year, the third weekend in November, I participate in the annual “Welcome Back to Otterville” Studio Tour.  This year is the 15th for this successful tour, and the 7th for me!  What this means is that from 10-5 pm on November 19 and 20 this year, the gallery in the back of my house is guaranteed to be open.

It is open, actually, all year round after 11 am as long as I’m home and ready to face the world. (I am somewhat nocturnal). You can tell for sure that it’s open if my sign is out and says, “Open”!  But don’t let the absence of the open sign stop you. Just call the number from your cell phone (or call ahead from home), or even just knock on my patio door.

Anyway, that weekend of the 19 and 20, I will not be the only one open.  Due to the magical nature of Otter Creek or something, many artists reside in my tiny little town.  Some of us even get together to paint and share stories on a regular basis.  This place is full of talent, and many studios and shops in and around town will be welcoming you in.  Check out our website.

Otterville is about 20 minutes south of the 401 and Woodstock.  Come to town, look for the yellow flags, and enjoy the art.  There will be brochures with maps available at each location.  It’s free, and it’s a great way to spend the day whether you are with friends, family, or by yourself.


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