Help with art marketing

I am lucky to know so many people with so many talents.  I had lunch today with some of my friends and one of them, Bettianne Hedges, has been a great advocate for artists in this area for many years.   She knows lots about art marketing via social media etc. and can help you , as an artist, to better reach your target viewers. Here is what she has to say:

Artists and Creative Entrepreneurs….

As a follow up to the conversation I have had with many of you over the years I have now structured a business to allow me to provide art marketing advice and direct assistance to small businesses that provide a creative service or product.    

My services will include:

•Gallery contract review and negotiation

•Grant preparation

•Marketing for events, galleries and individuals

 (tailored and detailed approach will be determined in a one-on-one consultation)              

•Web/Blog Design and Content Editing, Optimization and Training

•Subscription service to an e-newsletter with access to supporting web site for archived materials. The newsletter will be produced 40 times yearly.  The first issue will be produced December 1, 2011. The newsletter will include edited and original content including presentation trends and options, marketing opportunities and approaches, social media advice and options, sales skills development, database management, published material consultation and talent sourcing, and access to unique suppliers…… all adapted to be readily applicable to our unique Southwestern Ontario market.


Subscription to e-newsletter and archived materials   $50 yearly

Initial one hour consultation is $100.00 and will include a one year subscription to the newsletter and access to the archived content.

All additional sources will be quoted on an individual basis.

All services will be invoiced and HST applied.

It is my hope that engaging professional advice will help creative entrepreneurs to save money. Mistakes are costly in both current expense and in lost opportunities.

As an aside I am also now accepting inquiries to place art, and provide purchasing and collection management services for individual and corporate collectors.  I am also making initiatives to restore my insurance credentials so I am able to provide appraisals.  Further materials on this particular aspect of my business will be provided at a later date.  

Also please note that this business is in addition to my established real estate business and related brokerage management contracts.  I see these two roles as a perfect compliment.

A special thank you to those who have provided support and encouragement!


Tell her I sent you!


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