New responsibilities.

My news for this week is that I have become the new president of the Artists of Oxford.  We are an organization of artists committed to fostering the development of visual arts in Oxford County.

I didn’t get elected in or anything, it was just a matter of me having volunteered to do a lot of things and realizing that perhaps I do have a few leadership skills.  I mentioned to the existing president that if he ever got tired of the role I would be willing to take it on.  He was quite relieved and said the position was mine effective immediately.  Thank you, Michael, for all the work you’ve done.  Hopefully I won’t disappoint anyone!  And I will definitely bring up at the next meeting that if anyone else wants to do it we’ll have an election.  That meeting is at the Tillsonburg Station Arts Centre on Wednesday March 28 at 7 pm. Our meetings rotate between there, the Ingersoll Creative Arts Centre, and the Woodstock Art Gallery.

I’m hoping to make this group more dynamic and more useful to local artists and more fun than it’s ever been.  We have our work cut out for us – I don’t plan on doing all of this myself!  There are meetings and outings to be planned, speakers and demonstrators to contact, shows to organize, members to attract (and gather back in!), the website to be updated, and most of all, better communication to establish.  Some of us have many other responsibilities and we have to make it easier for everyone to take an active role in the group without feeling like it’s going to take a lot of time and effort and hounding of other people to do so.  If we all do our small part, we’ll all benefit greatly.

We’ve got a show coming up in April (opens on the 20th) called Water, Purely Interpreted, at the Cambridge Centre for the Arts.  Thirteen of the members are participating.  I hope you’ll check it out!



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