Teaching the youngsters

Again I’ve been given the wonderful opportunity to pass my love of watercolours on to some of the young people in our area.  Last Saturday I entertained a group of Girl Guides in my home gallery with a class in watercolour painting.  After a lesson in the basics of watercolour painting, they were given the assignment to do a white line design of a fantasy butterfly.  For over 2 hours their attention was focused on their paintings and I have to say I was very pleased with the results!  Below are a few pictures of them working away.

Yesterday I was at a school for a couple of sessions of an “Art Soup” day.  Time constraints (50 minutes each) didn’t allow for an in depth class or a detailed painting, not to mention the fact that it turned out to be about one third kindergartners, two thirds fourth (or maybe fifth?) graders.  Luckily, I had planned a project that was fun, all ages could do, taught them several things about watercolours, and was quick.  I had them place one hand snugly over their piece of paper, while I sprayed the surrounding paper with water until it shone.  After a count of ten, they lifted their hands and were instructed to drop paint by the loaded brush  onto only the wet part of the paper.   They were encouraged to make this area as personal as they liked, so that at the end, there was a white-of-the-paper hand shape surrounded by colours that had mingled with each other, and whatever details they had added.  They turned out very nicely!

Next week, I’ll be teaching a 4H group.  I haven’t decided what exactly I’m doing with them yet, but I’m open to suggestions if you have any!





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