Nostalgic moments

I had the good fortune (yes, in spite of the tendency for people to dread them) to attend my high school reunion this past weekend.  Although it was the 50th reunion for all who had gone to the school, there were many from my graduating class, and most of us hadn’t seen each other since graduation, which was a long time ago!

We all greeted each other as old friends, some more enthusiastically than others of course, but all in all I think it was a pretty amazing group of classmates I had.  Even though the school was large, and we all had our social groups that we mostly associated with, all of the groups were friendly to each other and many people intermingled between them.  Maybe it’s the passage of time and me looking through rose-coloured glasses but I’ve always thought fondly of most of the people I remembered, and wondered how they were doing.  Social media has allowed me to connect with some of them since then, but not all.  And I will admit, there were some I was sure would have forgotten me.  Perhaps they did, (I know I did) – but our meeting again brought back lots of good memories for me at least.  There may be a few exceptions to that (I’m only human!).

Anyway, one of the reasons I’m mentioning this on this site, is the art class I was so lucky to be in.  What a great group of people.   In grade 13, our wonderful teacher took us to New York City for a class trip just before Christmas.  It bonded us.  We would forever remember that trip and him, and all the good times filled with laughter we had in class.  A great curriculum, great guidance, technical expertise, a sense of humour and a critical but kind eye combined to make our art experience the best it could be.  In celebration of him and that class, we left him with a scrapbook of photos  –  us in poses to imitate the famous paintings he had educated us about.  He still has it.  I know this because he invited us to a small party and we all got to look at it again!

Never think that art education is not important.
Some of us are missing and were missed, but that’s our best teacher in the middle.


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