Happy New Year!



I want to thank each and every person who has taken the time to look at anything here on my blog.  You have been here from 60 countries this year, and I am so thrilled to think that my artistic thoughts are reaching people all around the world!  I find it especially amusing that I’ve reached someone on the other side of the planet when I’m pretty sure some of the people I’m close to have never even looked at it.


Some of you have taken the time to comment, or have liked my posts, and some of you have even decided to follow my blog.  Thank you so much if you have!  I really enjoy finding out who I’ve reached and how their interests match my own, or how they differ.  Many of you are really inspiring and amazing people, even if you might not think so yourself.



2012 had a great ring to it, didn’t it?  I kind of hate to see it end, as it was a pretty good year for me, at least.  But there were things I didn’t accomplish, and a new year always feels like a fresh start, so I’m excited.  In 2013, I hope to write a new post each week, but I won’t write unless I feel I have something to write about.  So, I should probably resolve to have something to write about!


This is a fantastic time to be alive.  Here’s to new beginnings, fresh creativity, new connections, new discoveries, and more art!








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