Spring News

Remember how shocked I was that February 9th had arrived and I had only written one post?  Well tomorrow is April 1 already and I guess my idea of writing one post per week just isn’t happening.  The only real reason is I haven’t felt in the writing mood.

I have been painting lots, but haven’t taken any pictures of them.  I’m waiting for a good sunny day in which I have the time to do that!  So you will just have to come out to some of the shows and see them in person maybe?

Here are the shows coming up which I am involved  in:

On April 11, our Artists of Oxford group show will open at the Elm Hurst Inn, in Ingersoll, ON.  The reception will be at 6 pm, and refreshments will be served.

On April 28, there will be an opening for selected artists from all of the counties involved in Arts Country (Oxford, Brant, Norfolk, Elgin and Middlesex), which is a collective guide to the artists on the studio tours taking place in those counties.  This opening will be held at the Lighthouse Theatre in Port Dover, ON.  In June, I will also be involved in a show there as it will be our Oxford Studio Tour’s month to be featured.

On May 4 & 5, my home gallery and studio will be open to the public 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. for our 6th Annual Oxford Studio Tour.  This is a tour I have been involved with since its inception.  I assist in editing the write-ups for each artist, organizing the location numbers, mapping out the tour, and this year, I did all the updating of the website.  My fellow Otterville artist Sue Goossens, and Rhonda Franks, who is a guest artist at Sue’s studio, are also key players.  Sue was the founder of the tour, and most of us consider her to be in charge of it.  Rhonda designed the beautiful brochures and posters for the tour.  So please come and visit all of us in Otterville  if you decide to do the tour!!  From Otterville you can easily take the next step and go to Tillsonburg, where you may visit the historic Annandale House which will feature two wonderful artists Jason Puhr and Jared Smith.  And then, on to another historic feature, the Tillsonburg Station Arts Centre, which is our umbrella organization for the tour.  Deb Beard, who runs the Centre, is the fourth key player in the organization of the tour.  She also happens to be a very talented potter!  Along with her, there will be five other artists at the Station.  That is all I will tell you for now.  If  you like, you can visit our website to find out more details. ( link is at the right)


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