A Busy Fall

I have been very lucky this fall to have a door open for me that I wasn’t really expecting.  Shortly after my last post I got a job.   It’s a temporary position, only for a couple of months, and it’s part time, so I am still very actively creating art.  I really like this job because it is in plant science, and that is what I am formally educated in.  It’s an entry level job, but hey, that’s kind of where I left off so that’s okay.  The lovely thing is, much of it is field work outdoors, in apple orchards, and it’s been SUCH a nice fall this year!  There is some laboratory work, just enough to make me feel like I’m doing science, and a little data entry.   Oh, and did I mention free apples?   My boss is nice, my co-workers are nice, and the commute to work is beautiful on these misty colourful mornings.

Enough to keep me inspired!

Enough to keep me inspired!

I also have Wednesdays off, so I can still teach my class at the Station Arts Centre in Tillsonburg.  This is the last week for those, and then I’ll be concentrating on getting ready for our Welcome Back to Otterville studio tour, which is the third weekend in November.  Busy!


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