Tonight is the opening of ‘Oxford County’ at the Tillsonburg Station Arts Centre

On Wednesday, a few of the Artists of Oxford braved the winter storm that was raging and got to Tillsonburg to hang the show which opens tonight.  Come and enjoy some dessert while you peruse the county’s beauty through our eyes.  Dress is casual, atmosphere is friendly.  Some of the artists (including me) will be there if you’d like to chat, or you are completely free to be left alone to wander if that’s what you prefer.

AO Oxford County Hangers2

That’s me on the left.

AO Oxford County TSAC1

The Station from my parking spot.

13 responses to “Tonight is the opening of ‘Oxford County’ at the Tillsonburg Station Arts Centre

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  5. Hi Lianne, have sorted. Sorry 🙂

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  8. Hello. Your picture of the station has really caught my eye. That red and all the triangles! Would you mind if I did a painting from it? Depending how it turns out, I’d like to put it on my blog and link back to your post. Best wishes OA

  9. Sorry we could not take atvantage of this but I just got home after spending almost two months in hospital.

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