Just a note – and a painting (but please read the note!)


Hello dear blog followers and those who have happened by!  I would like to thank all of you for stopping here and showing an interest.  As you may already know, I have another blog which I started recently, to showcase just my work in fractals.  Some of them are watercolours, others are digital art, and others are photography.  From now on my posts in one blog will not necessarily be connected to my posts in the other, so I am hoping you will all follow both blogs, as they will be very different and I hope both will interest you.  Now that I have presented all of my fractal work (up to now) together in a live setting, I am excited to talk about the work and my ideas, and share it with those who have been unable to see it in person.  I will also have more time for my regular posts here, and more time to paint!


Here is a little painting I did earlier this spring.  It celebrates the awkwardness of youth.  And also cute foals in general.  It’s currently on display at the Lighthouse Theatre in Port Dover as part of the Oxford Studio Tour’s Arts Country Gallery Exhibit.  Thank you to Alison for providing the inspiration :).  My visits to her farm feed my farm-girl soul on a weekly basis during the summer!

Awkward Watercolour on Gessoed Paper 11x15" $280.00 framed

Watercolour on Gessoed Paper
$280.00 framed



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