Calling all Canadian Watercolour Artists/ Un Message D’Invitation a Aquarellistes du Canada

We now have our very own branch of the International Watercolour Society here in Canada!

As a representative of this branch, along with Alfonso Tejada (BC) and Alain Godbout (QC), I would like to invite all enthusiastic watercolour artists to join us.  This is a different kind of watercolour society.  It is not meant to compete with other, already established societies, but rather to unite them.  The goal of the IWS is to promote universal peace and love through art, and to promote the medium of watercolour.  As such a society, it is friendly, and networking, festivals, exhibitions and workshops on an international scale are the  primary ways it aims to go about achieving that goal.  For more information about the IWS, please visit their new website:

The email for the Canadian branch has (as of today at least) not been updated to the correct one which is:  If you would like to join, simply email us, or like our Facebook page and post some info about yourself to the page.  At a later stage, we may have a more formal process for membership, but at least this way we will have a way to contact you.  We will in future be registering as a non-profit organization, and organizing events.  For now, networking is our primary activity.

We would like as many great watercolour artists in Canada to know about our activities as possible, so if you know a master watercolour artist who is not very active on the internet, please inform them and us!  They may be interested in our future activities as exhibitors, jurors, or teachers and we would like to be able to contact them by email or mail if they are.

Pour l’immédiat il n’y a pas de structure officielle de membership. Peuvent se joindre à la IWS-Canada les aquarellistes de bonne foi qui croient en la nécessité de faire la promotion de l’aquarelle par l’échange fraternel mondial en utilisant le médium comme langage commun et pour partager notre passion de l’art. Avec le temps, cette structure tendra à évoluer vers sa maturité selon les besoins et les volontés du membership local.  

Nous voulons invite à vous joindre sans obligations à ce groupe dynamique d’aquarellistes de talent et de développer par votre participation un immense réseau de contacts avec des personnes qui partagent votre passion. Nous tenons à le rappeler, il n’y a pas de frais pour être membre et nous vous invitons à partager cette information avec tous les aquarellistes de votre entourage qui pourraient être intéressés par cette initiative.   (Alain Godbout est le coordonnateur du chapitre francophone.)  


IWS Canada logo


2 responses to “Calling all Canadian Watercolour Artists/ Un Message D’Invitation a Aquarellistes du Canada

  1. Hi Lianne,

    I am from IWSSA and look forward to communicating with IWSCanada, making new friends, uniting all the watercolour artists with the common goal of promoting the medium on a global level. Our Chairlady is Cheryl Curnick.

    Have a wonderful evening.

    Terenia Surtees


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