Fall News

I realize it has been a while since I posted here.  My regular watercolours have not been abandoned in the pursuit of fractals and international camaraderie!  Here is one of this year’s paintings I haven’t shown anywhere yet.  Sometimes I like to look at things from a different angle, in this case the violinist.

Over the Bridge Lianne Todd Watercolour, 11x15" $280.00, framed

Over the Bridge
Lianne Todd
Watercolour, 11×15″
$280.00, framed

Lately, I’ve been working on a commission for a customer who wanted a portrait of his dog.  I really wanted to get it right, and now it is finished, and I really hope he likes it!  But I will wait until he has seen it before I show it to you.  I just have to frame it.

In other news, I am exhibiting a few of my fractals at the Ingersoll Public Library for the month of October.  I haven’t decided yet which ones but if you’re in the area at that time it will definitely be worth stopping in!  We (Artists of Oxford thanks to Oxford Creative Connections, Inc.) have a new exhibit area there in a different part of the library than before, with a great hanging system, and it really shows the art off nicely.

I am teaching classes beginning next week on Tuesday afternoons at the Tillsonburg Station Arts Centre.  I don’t think it’s too late to sign up but please hurry and do so if you’re interested!

A couple of my paintings, Lost in the Corn and The Beauty of Fleetingness are on display until October 22 in a group exhibit by Arts Country artists of Oxford and Elgin County at the Lighthouse Festival Theatre in Port Dover, Ontario.

And don’t forget:  Welcome Back to Otterville is coming up in November!


One response to “Fall News

  1. Hello Lianne…..I used to play the viola…..this is amazing girl! you captured it perfectly…from the players point of view! I love this..im going to have to save my pennies girl!! you are amazing!

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