Portrait of a Beloved Pet

This is Heidi.  According to her owner, she was a good dog.  More than a good dog, in fact, a very special and beloved companion who returned the affection many times over.  So, it was with more than a little trepidation that I accepted the commission to do her portrait.

Heidi, watercolour on paper, 15x22"

Heidi, watercolour on paper, 15×22″

Yesterday the collector came to view it for the first time, and take it home.  The joy I felt made every effort worthwhile.

If you’re interested, the following will give you a little summary of how the painting process went, start to finish.



If you have Rogers cable, there is a locally produced TV Show called Art Trax which interviewed various Tillsonburg area artists and visited their studios.  This is the painting I began during the segment of the show I’m featured in.  Unfortunately I do not have access to and haven’t seen the video myself!  But I’m told it has been aired, and I see according to their schedules the shows are on more than once.  Maybe somebody who knows me will record it for me?  That would be nice.


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