Happy New Year!

I sincerely thank all who have looked at this site in the past year.  As an artist who has not obtained gallery representation, who lives in a very tiny town, I depend on the views my art gets online, in whatever form it happens.  New eyes on my art are always welcome, and if you are one of the people who has been generous enough to share any of my posts or pages, it is so appreciated!

I am looking back on the past year with a sense of accomplishment since I finally had the fractal show I’ve been working towards for the past three years.  If you somehow missed all that, it is covered in my other blog (new this past year) fractaliart.com.  That was a very satisfying experience.  (I felt like, for once, I had it together.)  So I’ve been focusing on getting the fractal art, and the ideas I have that are associated with it, out to the world this past six months or so.

I ended my presidency of the Artists of Oxford as of the end of December, so I will have a lot more time to paint, and create.  I did take on some other responsibilities (i.e. IWS Canada) but have promised myself they will not interfere with my creative time.  Another goal this year is to actually approach some galleries with my work to see if one of them will allot space to me.  It would free up so much of the time I’m currently spending marketing my art.  Now I’m looking ahead to the new year with many creative thoughts in my head, and anticipating another solo show, this time at the Station Arts centre.  More details on that later!



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