Memorable Scenery

Last summer my daughter and I visited Scotland.  What a beautiful country.  The towns and cities really looked like they were built to last, with plenty of evidence that they had, indeed, lasted for centuries.  As someone who had never visited the old world before, I was duly impressed. But the thing that surprised me the most, I think, was the beautiful emptiness of the highlands.  It isn’t like they are hard to get to.  From the perspective of a Canadian, everything is very close, a few hours away at most.  I guess there must be some good reason.  I found the highlands very, very attractive, and wondered what it was exactly, that led my ancestors to leave this beautiful country.  It must have been a very hard thing to do.

Anyway, I felt very overwhelmed by the landscape, and I hope to try to capture some of the memories from that trip in some paintings.  I’m going to do a large one of this scene but here is a small study to start off with, which I shall give to my daughter as a thank you for coming along with me to a place I’ve always wanted to go visit.  I captured this view in a movie I took from the tour bus window.  Highland Experience tours (the Jacobite experience tour), if you are curious.

HIghlands Study002


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