Wistful Landscape

It has been a while since my last post.  You may have noticed I haven’t been painting so much in the last couple of years…  so much so that when I began my most recent painting my husband looked at my studio table and said “Oh.  I thought you’d given that up!”  He was only teasing, of course.  I would never give it up.  But there are times in life when you just don’t have it in you.  I am really hoping that all the recent losses, surprises, and changes in my life are finished for a little while.  There have been some really good moments too, and they have kept me going.  As I mentioned before in this blog, one of the really great highlights in the last year was a trip my daughter and I took to Scotland.

As I looked out the tour bus window at this scene, I tried to imagine what it was that made some of my ancestors decide to leave that beautiful country.  I felt quite wistful that it was far enough away so I wouldn’t be able to visit it regularly, and it’s not even my home.  I think they must have been pretty sad to leave.  It’s hard to know what someone from a couple of centuries ago would think… life was so different then.  People probably had to adapt to change and strife and loss all the time.  They were probably tougher.  But this is a landscape that really pulls at you.

HIghland Afternoon II. Watercolour on Paper. 11x15". Lianne Todd

HIghland Afternoon II. Watercolour on Paper. 11×15″. Lianne Todd


2 responses to “Wistful Landscape

  1. Hello Lianne, I enjoyed your post, particularly in how reflective it is both in terms of how painting ebbs and flows in our lives and also the historical reflection. I will look forward to reading future posts. Kathryn

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