Square Foot Show 2018

I am a little late posting this – my apologies!  Sitting at a computer for any length of time has been a challenge this past few months due to some arm/shoulder issues (my right arm of course!), so while I’ve managed to keep up with the short posts of Facebook and Twitter, writing a whole blog post was daunting.  Happily, I think the worst of that is over, though it remains a bit of a daily struggle.  There were a couple of weeks where I couldn’t even lift a brush, let alone paint!!

The Westland Gallery in London holds a Square Foot Show every year.  I participated a couple of years ago with two fractal pieces, and this year I have three pieces in the show:  a fractal, an abstract watercolour on canvas, and a traditional watercolour.  The opening for the show was July 11, and it was packed with people!  The show continues until August 10.

Here are my entries in the show:

Frog Pond. Digital Fractal Art, HD printed on metal. 12×12″. $300.00 Artist Lianne Todd

World Views. Watercolour on Gold Absorbent Ground on Canvas. 12×12″. SOLD. Private Collection. Artist Lianne Todd

Kitchen Alcove, Il Convente dei Carmine. Watercolour on Paper. 6.25×6.25″. SOLD. Private Collection. Artist Lianne Todd

If you would like to see what the whole show is about, you can visit their site, but I would suggest just going to the Westland Gallery on Wortley Road in London, Ontario.

This Saturday, I’ll be at the Art in the Park in Woodstock, Ontario.  More on that tomorrow!

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