A New Outlet for my Art!

Over on my other blog, at fractaliart.com, I posted yesterday about a new place my art can be purchased from.  Here’s a LINK to the post.  Please have a look!

Mama & Me, the Canadian Artisan Gift Boutique in Clinton, ON.

Meanwhile, don’t forget:  my exhibit ‘Discoveries in the Land of Discoverers’ is still on at Annandale House in Tillsonburg until September 10.

Algarve Coastline. Watercolour on Paper. 15×22″. Artist Lianne Todd.



I remembered to take my camera last week, so I thought I would post a few photos of the exhibit in Tillsonburg.  Also, in my last post I didn’t give you the closing date for the exhibit!  It will be there until September 10.

There are no cameras or photo-taking allowed in the museum, but they were nice and made an exception for me to photograph my own art.

'Discoveries in the Land of Discoverers' by Lianne Todd'Discoveries in the Land of Discoverers' by Lianne Todd'Discoveries in the Land of Discoverers' by Lianne Todd


The museum itself is a gorgeous place to visit. It was the home of the Tillsons.

A few years back I participated in a show there called ‘Wildely Inspired’.   Annandale’s decor was inspired by the Aesthetic Movement, and Oscar Wilde.  We were allowed, as artists, to have the treat of photographing inside the museum, to inspire art pieces we then created for the show.  My unusual piece Wilde Life was what I entered in the show back then – it is a strange imaginary scene, sort of a collage of elements (but all watercolour painted on gessoed paper) from the stained glass windows and ceilings, etc., of the house.  Very different from what I usually do!

For museum hours, please refer to my previous post.  Thanks for reading!

‘Discoveries in the Land of Discoverers’

I will eventually get back to telling you more about my painting travels in Portugal last November. I just want to mention this show as I hung it today (10 pieces are mine) and it’s ready for viewing!

I finished a new painting yesterday, just in time for the show.  It is inspired both by my trip to Quinta da Regaleira, in Sintra, Portugal, and by a book I am reading right now – it dwells a bit on the Grail Romances which I find particularly fascinating.  In fact, the Quinta da Regaleira property’s architecture and structures are partly inspired by alchemy, Masonry, the Knights Templar, the Rosicrucians, and the Tarot, and many of these have been related strongly to the Grail Romances at times, including in the aforementioned book.  More about Quinta da Regaleira later… (it really captured the imagination) … for now I want you to see the finished painting.

The Stuff of Grail Romances. Watercolour on Gessoed Paper. 15×22″. $500.00. Artist Lianne Todd

You can get a much better impression of it if you actually go to the show, of course!  All of the pieces are ones that have been inspired by Portugal.

It’s at Annandale House (N.H.S), in Tillsonburg, on the second floor, in the gallery there.  Go check it out!


Monday to Friday 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Saturday (July and August only) 12:00 p.m to 4:00 p.m.
Sunday 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.

(Holiday hours may be different)


Annandale National Historic Site & Museum
30 Tillson Avenue
Tillsonburg, Ontario
N4G 2Z8

Canada Day Art Show

The long weekend is upon us and if you happen to live in Norwich township, Oxford County, Ontario, you might be thinking about going to the annual Canada Day celebrations which are in Burgessville this year.  I just wanted to let you know, their volunteers have organized a venue for several artists in the township to exhibit their art!  It will be in the barn at Malcolm Excavating, which is on the south side of Highway 59, east of the main corner.  A big thank you to them for offering their space for this, and to the volunteers for coordinating everything, providing chairs and tables, etc.

The exhibit will be open for viewing after the parade, which begins at 11 a.m.

Happy Canada Day!

Here’s one of my paintings that is truly Canadian – it’s the view of George Lake in Killarney Provincial Park from the campground, in the morning.  I’ll bring it with me!

“I remember when rock was young…”. Watercolour on paper. 15×22″. $475.00. Artist Lianne Todd.

An Exhibit overlapping the Oxford Studio Tour

It is exactly one week until I welcome tourists into my home gallery (MAP) for the weekend of the 12th Annual Oxford Studio Tour (MAP).  In the past I’ve had visitors from Port Dover, Aylmer, Delaware (ON), Dundas, Kitchener, Lambeth, Stratford, St. Thomas, Oakville, East York, London, Hamilton, Ilderton, Sarnia, Sudbury, and even Ohio!  One thing I always enjoy is the conversations, when they happen.  I’m not much for small talk, and I tend to leave people alone to enjoy their viewing in peace, but art has a way of stimulating the kind of conversations I like to have.  I hope all will feel welcome to express their reactions to what they see in my gallery!

I hope you will also visit all the other locations on the tour, as we have a huge supply of talented artists here in Oxford County.  There are 40 of us participating this year, at 16 locations.

In the meantime, and after the tour, there is another exhibit happening in Tillsonburg.  I had a chance to see all the pieces when I dropped mine off – very interesting interpretations of the theme!  I have one piece in it, featured here:

Announcing H2O Exhibit, OCCISample of art at Lianne Todd's GalleryPlease click on the image to visit our Oxford Studio Tour website and find full information.  While touring, look for the red signs to help you with directions.




12th Annual Oxford Studio Tour May 4&5, 2019 — Oxford Studio Tour

I am not in the photo this year, but I do hope to see some of you at my gallery on May 4 & 5!  I have so many new pieces of watercolour and digital art to show you.

Location #4 on the tour.

The 12th Annual Oxford Studio Tour will feature 40 artists including seven newcomers in 16 locations Saturday, May 4 and Sunday, May 5 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. both days. Representing the group, are: (Ieft to right) Sue Goossens, Vonnie Snyder, Alex Smith, Lesley Penwill (front), Tabitha Verbuyst (rear) and Kate Innes. Information on […]

via 12th Annual Oxford Studio Tour May 4&5, 2019 — Oxford Studio Tour

A Trip to the Edge of the World

My villa mates were extremely kind and invited me along with them for a car trip to the edge of the world and back.  (It was only about 85 km away.)  Well, it used to be considered the “edge of the world” back when people didn’t know yet if the earth was round.  It’s the most southwestern point of Europe, Cape St. Vincent, where the town of Sagres and a historical fortress mark the point where Prince Henry the Navigator allegedly operated his nautical school and scientific institute.  Here is where the great Age of Discovery began, and Portugal did very well because of it, until a few centuries later when a great earthquake made a mess of things.

There are actually two points on the cape, one of them more to the south and one more to the west.  Sagres, and the fortress, are at the southern point, and the Portuguese Navy’s St. Vincent lighthouse, the second most powerful in Europe, is at the more western point.  We visited the southern point first, and explored the fortress.  Go ahead and click on any of the photos to make them larger.

The most southwestern point in Europe, visible from the area near the parking lot of the fortress. You can see the fortress up on the right.

Here is the restored Fortress itself, as seen from the parking area.

The St. Vincent Lighthouse, visible on the other point. This is a magnified view.

Remnants of the compass rose? No one knows for sure what it is.

We explored the whole cliff area behind the fortress as well.

The area between points is clearly popular with surfers! (click on it to zoom in and see them)

There were lots of interesting kinds of vegetation on the cliffs, but these seemed awfully familiar 🙂 – crocuses in November? Nice.

Not all parts of the cliff are completely solid, and you can hear the ocean through the cracks. Have a look at the arrowhead shaped part of this one…

Lots of turbulence!

Selfie with the point in the background. This lighthouse is smaller than the other one.  It was a windy day!

All around the cliffs, there were several fisherman dropping their lines down to the water.  I shuddered to think of the balancing act required to reel a substantially sized fish in.  I photographed several of them.  I just finished this the other day.  This fellow was pretty much right on the most southwesterly point, and struck me as a great subject for painting.  And I also really enjoyed painting all the textures!

Fisherman at the “Edge of the World”. Watercolour on Paper. 15×22″. Artist Lianne Todd

One of the things I found refreshing in Portugal was the general lack of guard rails.  It gave you the feeling of being trusted to be sensible.  There were warnings about going near the cliff’s edge, but it did not stop these intrepid fishermen who probably do this all the time.

After we finished our fortress and cliff exploration, we stopped for some lunch in Sagres, at a place called Retiro do Pescador Restaurante.  It seemed like a fantastic place to get a fresh fish meal if you knew how to order such a thing, and what you liked.  I, being new at ordering a meal based on the fish freshly caught and visible in the fridge by the door, didn’t do that.  I ordered the fish soup.  It was good, but I kind of wished I had been more brave and more prepared to spend the time and money for a fancier fish meal.  Maybe there will be a next time!

We then moved on to the other point at Cape St. Vincent, where the big lighthouse is.  Here it is up close:

We did ask if we could see inside, but that was a firm “No”. Would love to see it operating at night, and sit under the stars out here.

Resident Lighthouse Cat. Of course!

We had some delicious ice cream at the lighthouse area.  Be sure to have some if you go!

After we left the lighthouse, we decided to go up to a beach on the West coast, recommended in a guide book, called Castelejo.  The drive down to it was quite interesting – narrow winding hilly roads on which you didn’t really want to meet any other cars.  Turns out, this is a very popular beach with surfers – in fact I think we were almost the only non-surfers there.  I was unprepared for the scenery.  Very nice indeed – and I’m sure it would be even nicer in the summer!

Call me chicken, but it didn’t look like the safest place to surf!

CastelejoA different kind of beauty from the beaches of Albufeira.

After having a good look here, we started to head back toward Albufeira.  We drove down to Burgau, then along the coast to Luz, then to Lagos.  Spent a little while wandering around Lagos.

My favourite building in Lagos, covered in green ceramic tiles.

Then on to Guia (rumoured to be the origin of Piri Piri Chicken) for a wonderful supper at a place called Paladium.  Family owned and operated, all were extremely hospitable and the Piri Piri Chicken was great – SO much better than the first time I had it.  We really enjoyed ourselves.  I would like to take this opportunity thank Richard and Diane, my villa mates, for inviting me on this memorable day trip.