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Square Foot Show 2018

I am a little late posting this – my apologies!  Sitting at a computer for any length of time has been a challenge this past few months due to some arm/shoulder issues (my right arm of course!), so while I’ve managed to keep up with the short posts of Facebook and Twitter, writing a whole blog post was daunting.  Happily, I think the worst of that is over, though it remains a bit of a daily struggle.  There were a couple of weeks where I couldn’t even lift a brush, let alone paint!!

The Westland Gallery in London holds a Square Foot Show every year.  I participated a couple of years ago with two fractal pieces, and this year I have three pieces in the show:  a fractal, an abstract watercolour on canvas, and a traditional watercolour.  The opening for the show was July 11, and it was packed with people!  The show continues until August 10.

Here are my entries in the show:

Frog Pond. Digital Fractal Art, HD printed on metal. 12×12″. $300.00 Artist Lianne Todd

World Views. Watercolour on Gold Absorbent Ground on Canvas. 12×12″. $300.00 Artist Lianne Todd

Kitchen Alcove, Il Convente dei Carmine. Watercolour on Paper. 6.25×6.25″. SOLD Artist Lianne Todd

If you would like to see what the whole show is about, you can visit their site, but I would suggest just going to the Westland Gallery on Wortley Road in London, Ontario.

This Saturday, I’ll be at the Art in the Park in Woodstock, Ontario.  More on that tomorrow!


Happy News

It’s been a happy couple of weeks since the Oxford Studio Tour.

I received news that my painting ‘Last Light Near Goat Rock’ (below) was juried in as a finalist to IWS Canada’s ‘A Symphony in Watercolour’ exhibition, an international biennale taking place this fall, September 28 t0 October 27 in Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada.

A total of 320 paintings were entered, from 32 countries around the world, so I feel very honoured to be a part of this show!

Last Light Near Goat Rock. Watercolour on Gessoed Paper. 15×22″. Artist Lianne Todd

I sold a couple of paintings too (Hiking Around Horne Lake and Quiet Pond).  The first one was actually sold via its display in our neighbourhood corner store – or at least it used to be our corner store.  Having been sold and renovated it’s now called Market by the Falls and is pretty cute and trendy looking.  You just never know which exhibit opportunities are going to result in sales!

We celebrated my father’s 96th birthday, and my sister’s birthday, I have a full house of offspring and cats for a while, and there are other family events making me happy as well.  Thinking about the good things in life really does make the difficult things less so!

Hopeful ventures

I’ve recently entered three of my paintings into the juried international exhibition the International Watercolour Society’s Canadian Branch (IWS Canada) is holding in conjunction with the Canadian Society of Painters in Water Colour.  The exhibition is called A Symphony in Watercolour, it’s taking place in Richmond Hill, Ontario, this fall, and promises to be a great event for artists and art lovers alike.  Maybe, if you are a watercolour artist, you’d like to enter too!  The deadline is March 20.  There are some great prizes available, thanks to our sponsors.  I am the Publicity Director.  If anyone knows how to do that job best, please inform me because I am so new at this!

We shall see what happens with my entries when the jurors do their thing.  We have Peter Marsh, CSPWC, and Anne McCartney, CSPWC, as jurors for the over 25 crowd, and Rainbow Ze as the youth juror.   I am hopeful that at least one of these paintings will be chosen for the exhibition.  But in the meantime, IWS Canada is posting all the entries in an album on Facebook for people to vote on with likes, loves and wows.  New entries are added every week, and mine were just added last week.

I’d love to have your support in this, but the tricky part is you have to be on Facebook, and you have to click on the actual photo to get to IWS Canada’s post, rather than the post on my Lianne Todd – Watercolour Artist/Digital Artist page.  You’ll know you’re in the right place if your window is dark except for the photo and you see the IWS Canada emblem at the top of the written text to the right.  I’m not sure any votes will be counted if they aren’t on IWS Canada’s album posts.  So thank you very much if you take the trouble to do that!  I personally hate being asked to like or share anything (I’m a bit of a rebel that way) so of course I will understand if you choose not to.  I am not even sure these links will take you directly to the photo (they are supposed to!), they might take you to the whole IWS Canada album of entries, and it might depend on whether or not you are signed in to Facebook when you click on them.  One tries, but one can never quite be sure how these things will work!

This one above is called ‘Through the Stand’.  It is 15×22″.  Remember when I was talking about our hike on the Pyramid Trail in Jasper a few posts ago?  This is the breathtaking stand of birch trees – or a portion of it – that we were treated to on that trail.  In this scene we have come through the trees and turned around to look back up the mountain at them.  I am not sure my photograph of the painting does justice to the clarity of it, and certainly not to the startling clarity of the real birch trees against the beautiful blue sky.  I started painting it before Christmas and finished it a few weeks ago.

These two are both paintings on gesso-coated paper, and both are scenes from our trip to Sonoma County, California a few years back.  I was saving them, along with some others, for a solo show just based on the Sonoma trip.  My usual distracted self has not got that organized yet – nor have I finished the series!

Anyway, the top one is called ‘Last Light Near Goat Rock’ and it is also 15×22″.  This area of coastline was just so beautiful at sunset.  I remember coming around a bend in the road and the sun had lit up all of the headlands, including a house with plenty of windows reflecting it back.  It was really pretty, but a very fleeting sight.  We watched the sunset from the beach by Goat Rock (I have done a painting of that as well – it’s still in hiding) while we watched the waves crash in, and after a while headed back up the hill and kept on snapping photos along the way.

Before we went to the coast, we spent time hiking in Armstrong Redwoods State Natural Reserve.  This painting doesn’t exactly feature any of the gigantic and majestic trees we saw there – it’s more about the way the light was coming in to the forest.  Hence its title – ‘Light in Armstrong Woods’.  It is smaller, just 11×15″.  It’s one of my favourites – I hope you like it too!




Welcome Back to Otterville

It’s November again and the next couple of weeks will be busy with finishing up paintings, framing, cleaning house, and that sort of thing as I prepare for this year’s studio tour in our little town of Otterville.  Where is Otterville you ask?  We are quite close to  Norwich, Delhi, and Tillsonburg, not far (half an hour) from Woodstock, Ingersoll, Simcoe, and Brantford.  And we are easy enough to get to (about an hour drive) from London, St. Thomas, Stratford, Kitchener-Waterloo, Guelph, Cambridge,  and Hamilton.

Otterville has changed a little bit since last year – we have some new landscaping by the falls, generously donated by members of the community.  Our beloved corner store, Otterville Variety, closed at the end of summer.  Now we have a new store there which just opened a few days ago – Market by the Falls.  I haven’t even been in there yet but it looks really nice!

Here is our press release for the tour (composed by Shirley Hokke, Sue Goossens and myself).  If you keep scrolling, you’ll find a condensed version of the information and a map of the tour – all contained on our postcards which you’ll find at kind local businesses, libraries, and tourism offices.

Welcome Back Studio Tour Press Release 

The artists of Otterville invite you to experience a full range of unique artistic visions at the 21st Annual ‘Welcome Back to Otterville’ Studio Tour November 18 & 19.  
This year, the artists highlight traditional paintings, original mixed media pieces, photography, art cards and jewelry that represent an artistic vision for the meandering spirit. Functional bird houses, outdoor furniture, and engraved items all encompass a wonderful lead in to the winter holidays.  You will be pleasantly surprised to find diversity, yet warm hospitality, in the historical village of Otterville.  The warm scent of hot apple cider or cranberry wassail brewing, and home baking at some of the studios, adds that extra welcoming touch.

Trudy Verberne creates one-of-a-kind greeting cards often with matching envelopes. She is exhibiting with artist Linda Hoffman. Located just minutes away is Shawn Pinnoy, owner of Stix and Skids, selling up-cycled décor including wreaths, bird houses, barn-board signs and much more.
Ralph Moore & Sons specialize in birdseed and seed mixtures. They offer a variety of bird-feeders including Droll Yankee, Squirrel Buster, Perky Pet, Pinebush, Going Green, Chapelwood, and some handcrafted by local artists.
Nordale Woodworking specializes in the production of solid wood furniture and outdoor poly lawn furniture. (They are not open on Sunday.)
There is a new studio on the tour this year. Tammy Gould does creative laser engraving. She creates gifts on glass, wood, and metal. Custom designs are available.
Jillian and Kaleb Driedger, owners of In Bloom Designs, create handmade bright and earthy jewelry. Their designs feature beautiful gemstones and mixed metals along with exotic and recycled woods.
Sue Goossens, Shirley Hokke, Mae Leonard, Linda Hoffman and Lianne Todd are professional artists compelled to create with completely different styles – artists who welcome you into their home studios to share their passion.
Sue has a large collection of watercolours both on paper and canvas. Landscape, architecture and a few florals!
Shirley paints from her heart in conceptual oils and watercolours.
Mae puts her whole imaginative spirit into her acrylic paintings.
Linda paints with watercolour and oil on canvas and has a unique creative outlook.
Lianne skillfully explores nature’s patterns with vivid watercolours and digital art, in many different and surprising ways.

All are welcome to visit each studio in Otterville on November 18 & 19 from 10am to 5pm. Watch for yellow flags at each location. Maps are available online at www.WelcomeBackToOtterville.ca, or pick up a postcard at local businesses. A special thank you is extended to the Township of Norwich.

Canada 150 celebration in Woodstock this weekend

Tomorrow, I will participate as an exhibitor at ‘Pavlo in the Park‘. It goes from 2 pm to 9 pm in Woodstock Ontario’s Victoria Park.

It has been a pretty busy summer, and I’ve put together a post on my other blog telling all about it if you’re interested.  It has filled me with inspiration and I’ve been itching to get busy in my studio.  After this weekend, I finally can.  The paints await!

Oxford Studio Tour

May 6 & 7 is only two weeks away!  Some of you may have taken the opportunity to drive around the countryside of Oxford County, Ontario in previous years, so you know what a fantastic selection of original art can be found.  You also know how much fun a daytrip or weekend jaunt like this can be if you pair up with a friend or family member, or gather a carload of them.  We have 18 locations featuring 38 artists, and our brochures are available all over the county in libraries, tourist offices, and businesses, as well as at each studio.  Admission is absolutely free, and all you do is follow the maps and the red signs to get to each studio.  Then you just wander in!  The artists will be there to answer any questions you have (we love when you ask questions), and will leave you alone if all you want to do is enjoy the feast for your eyes.

Below is a small sampling of my own art, in case you are new to it.  I paint traditional subject matter with watercolours and I also do fractal art, all on various surfaces.  Thanks for reading and I hope you’ll stop by my open studio/gallery, at the back of my home which is Location #3.  I’m in Otterville, which is a little off the beaten track for many travelers but it’s worth the drive.  I’m easy to find, on Main Street near the historic mill and waterfall.  And my good friends Sue Goossens and Rhonda Franks, whose work I admire very much, are nearby at Location #4, along with Ashley Beecraft.  I’ve never met her but she makes really cool looking ‘misfit beasts’.

See you soon!

Lianne Todd Art Samples

Oxford Studio Tour basic information

Under the Milky Way

There’s a new juried show opening, at the Elm Hurst Inn in Ingersoll, ON.  It’s called Spectacular Skies.  The title of the show immediately made me think of the night sky: in particular, the night sky in places where light pollution hasn’t destroyed the ability to see the Milky Way in all its glory.  In spite of so many nights away from cities, I’ve yet to really see the night sky in its full splendour, and I hope to do that someday.  I was pondering where, in the world, might be a good place to do this, and my mind went back to this lovely and somewhat isolated cottage at Glen Coe in Scotland.  While thinking about all this during a car trip, I happened to be listening to SiriusXM’s 1st Wave channel, and ‘Under the Milky Way’ by The Church came on.  Complete with bagpipes mid-song.  So, that settled it, I was definitely going to paint this scene.  I dug out my photos of the cottage, changed the composition a little (the photos were taken from a tour bus), imagined it at night, with the Milky Way above it, and got started.

I photographed my work as it progressed, and put all the photos together in this little video.  I hope you enjoy it.  If you’d like to see the framed finished piece, which is a full sheet watercolour on paper (22×30″), it is hanging at the Elm Hurst until May 17.