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Happy News

It’s been a happy couple of weeks since the Oxford Studio Tour.

I received news that my painting ‘Last Light Near Goat Rock’ (below) was juried in as a finalist to IWS Canada’s ‘A Symphony in Watercolour’ exhibition, an international biennale taking place this fall, September 28 t0 October 27 in Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada.

A total of 320 paintings were entered, from 32 countries around the world, so I feel very honoured to be a part of this show!

Last Light Near Goat Rock. Watercolour on Gessoed Paper. 15×22″. Artist Lianne Todd

I sold a couple of paintings too (Hiking Around Horne Lake and Quiet Pond).  The first one was actually sold via its display in our neighbourhood corner store – or at least it used to be our corner store.  Having been sold and renovated it’s now called Market by the Falls and is pretty cute and trendy looking.  You just never know which exhibit opportunities are going to result in sales!

We celebrated my father’s 96th birthday, and my sister’s birthday, I have a full house of offspring and cats for a while, and there are other family events making me happy as well.  Thinking about the good things in life really does make the difficult things less so!


Hopeful ventures

I’ve recently entered three of my paintings into the juried international exhibition the International Watercolour Society’s Canadian Branch (IWS Canada) is holding in conjunction with the Canadian Society of Painters in Water Colour.  The exhibition is called A Symphony in Watercolour, it’s taking place in Richmond Hill, Ontario, this fall, and promises to be a great event for artists and art lovers alike.  Maybe, if you are a watercolour artist, you’d like to enter too!  The deadline is March 20.  There are some great prizes available, thanks to our sponsors.  I am the Publicity Director.  If anyone knows how to do that job best, please inform me because I am so new at this!

We shall see what happens with my entries when the jurors do their thing.  We have Peter Marsh, CSPWC, and Anne McCartney, CSPWC, as jurors for the over 25 crowd, and Rainbow Ze as the youth juror.   I am hopeful that at least one of these paintings will be chosen for the exhibition.  But in the meantime, IWS Canada is posting all the entries in an album on Facebook for people to vote on with likes, loves and wows.  New entries are added every week, and mine were just added last week.

I’d love to have your support in this, but the tricky part is you have to be on Facebook, and you have to click on the actual photo to get to IWS Canada’s post, rather than the post on my Lianne Todd – Watercolour Artist/Digital Artist page.  You’ll know you’re in the right place if your window is dark except for the photo and you see the IWS Canada emblem at the top of the written text to the right.  I’m not sure any votes will be counted if they aren’t on IWS Canada’s album posts.  So thank you very much if you take the trouble to do that!  I personally hate being asked to like or share anything (I’m a bit of a rebel that way) so of course I will understand if you choose not to.  I am not even sure these links will take you directly to the photo (they are supposed to!), they might take you to the whole IWS Canada album of entries, and it might depend on whether or not you are signed in to Facebook when you click on them.  One tries, but one can never quite be sure how these things will work!

This one above is called ‘Through the Stand’.  It is 15×22″.  Remember when I was talking about our hike on the Pyramid Trail in Jasper a few posts ago?  This is the breathtaking stand of birch trees – or a portion of it – that we were treated to on that trail.  In this scene we have come through the trees and turned around to look back up the mountain at them.  I am not sure my photograph of the painting does justice to the clarity of it, and certainly not to the startling clarity of the real birch trees against the beautiful blue sky.  I started painting it before Christmas and finished it a few weeks ago.

These two are both paintings on gesso-coated paper, and both are scenes from our trip to Sonoma County, California a few years back.  I was saving them, along with some others, for a solo show just based on the Sonoma trip.  My usual distracted self has not got that organized yet – nor have I finished the series!

Anyway, the top one is called ‘Last Light Near Goat Rock’ and it is also 15×22″.  This area of coastline was just so beautiful at sunset.  I remember coming around a bend in the road and the sun had lit up all of the headlands, including a house with plenty of windows reflecting it back.  It was really pretty, but a very fleeting sight.  We watched the sunset from the beach by Goat Rock (I have done a painting of that as well – it’s still in hiding) while we watched the waves crash in, and after a while headed back up the hill and kept on snapping photos along the way.

Before we went to the coast, we spent time hiking in Armstrong Redwoods State Natural Reserve.  This painting doesn’t exactly feature any of the gigantic and majestic trees we saw there – it’s more about the way the light was coming in to the forest.  Hence its title – ‘Light in Armstrong Woods’.  It is smaller, just 11×15″.  It’s one of my favourites – I hope you like it too!




Canada 150 celebration in Woodstock this weekend

Tomorrow, I will participate as an exhibitor at ‘Pavlo in the Park‘. It goes from 2 pm to 9 pm in Woodstock Ontario’s Victoria Park.

It has been a pretty busy summer, and I’ve put together a post on my other blog telling all about it if you’re interested.  It has filled me with inspiration and I’ve been itching to get busy in my studio.  After this weekend, I finally can.  The paints await!

Festival of Creativity

Last year was the first year of the Halls Creek Festival of Creativity, and it was a really good experience.  It’s coming up again already this weekend, and I’m looking forward to it very much!

There are a lot of activities for everyone, over 60 artists exhibiting, lots of classes and demos happening, live music playing, delicious food to taste, and even an instrument petting zoo where you can try out all the musical instruments on display.

I will be exhibiting a variety of the art that I have currently available in my home gallery – traditional watercolours, watercolours on alternate surfaces, fractal watercolours, digital fractal original metal prints, even one of the scarves I designed.  I’ll also be painting at my booth – might as well absorb some of that creative energy around me and put it to good use!

Check out the website for details – for some of the workshops you need to sign up ahead of time.  Just a reminder – Ingersoll is only about an hour and a half from downtown Toronto, and only a half hour from London!  Why not make a day of it?


Past, current and future events

Summer’s over, and it was a good one.  Many sunny days were enjoyed, my garden flourished, and I did a little traveling (managed to finally get across the pond!).  I’ve got lots of inspiration tucked away in my brain and I hope to bring it to fruition over the next year.  It’s time for me to get back to the studio and paint, paint, paint!

The Off the Wall, Off the Vine art show in July had a good turnout and we were really lucky for most of the day as the storms avoided us.

At Off the Wall, and Off the Vine Art Show this summer

At Off the Wall, and Off the Vine Art Show this summer


Some of my paintings have been at the Ingersoll Public Library since the beginning of September – they come down tomorrrow.

Several of my fractal metal prints were up in the gallery at the Elm Hurst Inn over the summer, and they came down when I did another outdoor show this fall – a new one called Halls Creek Festival of Creativity.  It was in Ingersoll also, and this was its first year.  Here I am with them on September 12, 2015:

At Halls Creek Festival of Creativity with my fractal metal prints

At Halls Creek Festival of Creativity with my fractal metal prints


I’ve been juried in to an international watercolour show as well, which is very exciting!  It’s in Tirana, Albania.  A blog post from the IWS Philippines branch is very informative for anyone interested.  That show is in November, and my two paintings are already over there.


On a much more local note, we have, as usual, Welcome Back to Otterville coming up in November.  I hope you will mark your calendars and come out to our little town.  Postcards designed by moi.



Tomorrow’s outdoor show at Quai du Vin

I am pretty much all packed up for the show tomorrow.  Here’s hoping for no severe thunderstorms to complicate art tent occupation!

For your convenience, here is a map of the show indicating my location.


Two shows coming up!

The first show is at the Elm Hurst Inn in Ingersoll, just off the 401.  The opening is in the evening (beginning 6:30 pm) on the Thursday July 16, and the show runs through to September.  The Elm Hurst is a lovely place to spend time dining, but if you would like to come to the show opening there will be refreshments, and there is no obligation to stay for dinner.  The gallery is in the hallway separating the reception desk and lobby from the restaurant area.

This show will mainly feature my fractal art.  You may wish to learn more about that at my other site, FractaLiArt.com.

OCCElmhurst_07_16 lowres


The second show is an outdoor art festival at the Quai du Vin Estate Winery, which is near Sparta, Ontario.  It is just for one day, the Sunday July 19 from 11 am to 7 pm, rain or shine.  So let’s hope it doesn’t rain!  This show will mainly feature my traditional watercolours, and I’ll be exhibiting a few new pieces that are winery-themed.

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