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New Eyes

We just held the 11th annual Oxford Studio Tour and I welcomed visitors from many places over the course of the weekend.  Thank you, everyone, for coming, it really means a lot that you used your free time to come and look at my art.   And welcome new blog subscribers!  I hope you’ll enjoy my posts – I don’t post on a daily or weekly basis but I do like to introduce my new work and announce upcoming events, as well as occasional helpful tips for other artists.  This is one of the best ways you can support me as an artist, even if you aren’t in the market to buy art for yourself.  As with all types of social media, your subscription, your visits here and around my site, your ‘likes’ and your comments will all drive more new traffic here, putting new eyes on my art and helping me reach those who would be interested in buying.

Dear readers, if you missed this weekend, please know I would welcome your visit on another day.  My gallery remains set up all year.  Right now there is plenty of art, but that can change over the course of the year as shows occur or new venues become available.  Actually, the best time to come and visit would be in the coming week, as my schedule this week is fairly open and my prices will all be increasing next weekend.  It has been some time since I raised my prices, but with rising costs of materials and general rising costs of living, I feel that I must do so now.  So, don’t delay if you were thinking of purchasing in the near future!

Here are a few photos of my gallery from Saturday morning, to give you an idea of what to expect if you’ve never been here.  I think there is something for everyone!


Oxford Studio Tour

May 6 & 7 is only two weeks away!  Some of you may have taken the opportunity to drive around the countryside of Oxford County, Ontario in previous years, so you know what a fantastic selection of original art can be found.  You also know how much fun a daytrip or weekend jaunt like this can be if you pair up with a friend or family member, or gather a carload of them.  We have 18 locations featuring 38 artists, and our brochures are available all over the county in libraries, tourist offices, and businesses, as well as at each studio.  Admission is absolutely free, and all you do is follow the maps and the red signs to get to each studio.  Then you just wander in!  The artists will be there to answer any questions you have (we love when you ask questions), and will leave you alone if all you want to do is enjoy the feast for your eyes.

Below is a small sampling of my own art, in case you are new to it.  I paint traditional subject matter with watercolours and I also do fractal art, all on various surfaces.  Thanks for reading and I hope you’ll stop by my open studio/gallery, at the back of my home which is Location #3.  I’m in Otterville, which is a little off the beaten track for many travelers but it’s worth the drive.  I’m easy to find, on Main Street near the historic mill and waterfall.  And my good friends Sue Goossens and Rhonda Franks, whose work I admire very much, are nearby at Location #4, along with Ashley Beecraft.  I’ve never met her but she makes really cool looking ‘misfit beasts’.

See you soon!

Lianne Todd Art Samples

Oxford Studio Tour basic information

Wearable Art!

I am now a designer of wearable art!  Please visit my other blog, fractaliart.com to see the details of this new part of my artistic career, or just click on the image below to start shopping!


Pics of the current show

This will take you to today’s post on my other site.  Just a few Pics of the current show.  Hope you can make it out to see the show in person if you are in the area!  Thank you to those who those who did come to the opening on Friday, and to all those who came out to the original show in London last summer!


Welcome Back to Otterville

It’s that time of year again!

Today I will be taking down my exhibit at the Ingersoll library, and in the next week I’ll be rearranging my gallery at home so I can show studio tourists the most art possible during Welcome Back to Otterville, November 15 & 16, 10 am to 5 pm.

I have never had this many pieces of art to exhibit in my home gallery, (due to the addition of a great deal of fractal art!) and it’s going to be a challenge – good thing I have high ceilings, and a few extra wall panels!  I still think it won’t all fit, so if you arrive and you don’t see something you thought I had, please let me know – I may have it stored in my studio.

Here is some information about the tour.  (Click for a larger image).  This is available in postcard form at many places around the area, and all of us on the tour will have some.  Look for the yellow flags when you get to town.  This tour will be very do-able in an afternoon, and we’re only an hour from London, an hour from Stratford, an hour from Hamilton, an hour from Kitchener/Waterloo.  In the middle of nowhere and the centre of everything!



(Note this map has one more stop than the one on the printed postcard due to the addition of one more studio on the tour after they went to print)


Also, I have a new sign out front!  Looking forward to everyone’s visit.



Update to Fall News

Yesterday I hung twelve pieces of my fractal art at the Ingersoll Public Library.  It is so nice to have this new space to exhibit in – we (the Artists of Oxford) have in the past exhibited on the wall above the children’s books section, but now we’re over to the left side of the library in a nice space where people can read, study, or work on their laptops.  Thanks again to Oxford Creative Connections Inc. for providing the lovely new hanging system!


My classes at the Station Arts Centre were cancelled, but if you’re interested in private lessons I do have the capacity to do that from my home gallery space.   I’ve done this off and on for the past few years.   For an individual private lesson, I charge $15/hour.   If two people come together, (haven’t tried this yet at my home gallery unless you count the 14 girl scouts who came that one time :)), it’s $12/hour each, and if three people come together, it’s $10/hour each.  I don’t  have space for any more than three adults at a time, though.

Just a note – and a painting (but please read the note!)


Hello dear blog followers and those who have happened by!  I would like to thank all of you for stopping here and showing an interest.  As you may already know, I have another blog which I started recently, to showcase just my work in fractals.  Some of them are watercolours, others are digital art, and others are photography.  From now on my posts in one blog will not necessarily be connected to my posts in the other, so I am hoping you will all follow both blogs, as they will be very different and I hope both will interest you.  Now that I have presented all of my fractal work (up to now) together in a live setting, I am excited to talk about the work and my ideas, and share it with those who have been unable to see it in person.  I will also have more time for my regular posts here, and more time to paint!


Here is a little painting I did earlier this spring.  It celebrates the awkwardness of youth.  And also cute foals in general.  It’s currently on display at the Lighthouse Theatre in Port Dover as part of the Oxford Studio Tour’s Arts Country Gallery Exhibit.  Thank you to Alison for providing the inspiration :).  My visits to her farm feed my farm-girl soul on a weekly basis during the summer!

Awkward Watercolour on Gessoed Paper 11x15" $280.00 framed

Watercolour on Gessoed Paper
$295.00 framed


Video from The ARTS Project

If you haven’t checked out my other blog yet, perhaps this will pique your interest!  It’s a video made by The ARTS Project, in which I ramble on about my fractal art.  The exhibition has been a success so far: good attendance at the opening, and seven pieces have sold – people really seem to be responding well to it!  It’s on for one more week, Tuesday to Saturday, noon to 5 pm.

Here, also, is a photo from when the show was being hung.

Fractal Paintings

Fractal Paintings


Upcoming Show

Please visit the following link to the poster for my upcoming show of just fractal art.  Opens July 8, 7-9 pm.  Save the date!

Upcoming Show.

Fractal Show This Summer!

I am excited to announce that you will finally be able to see the fractals I have been working on, in their own show!  This exhibit will be called The Fractal Nature of our Universe.  It will take place in July of this year at The ARTS Project on Dundas Street in London, Ontario, and is supported by the Ontario Arts Council.  Stay tuned this spring for more information.

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