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This weekend! Welcome Back…

Just a reminder – this weekend is our 23rd Annual Studio Tour here in little historic Otterville.  The weather has cooperated to make Otterville look exactly as it does in the image on the postcard. That was not my intention when I designed the postcard!  Sorry folks… but guess what?  The forecast for the weekend is – SUNNY!  So the snow currently present should at least look pretty.  And most of all, you shouldn’t have any trouble driving here!

Once you arrive (here is a map of where I am), if you haven’t acquired a postcard from the multitude of places we’ve all left them, or printed a map from either here or the website, just look for the yellow flags to show you where participating studios are.  There is no admission charge, and each of us will have some postcards available.   Sometimes there are extra places open in town just for the weekend, which is great too, but the yellow flags indicate those who have actually paid for our advertising, so we hope you will definitely visit all those with flags.  You never know what unique and perfect item you might find if you go, or miss if you don’t!

Just click on the image below, and then save and/or print:

Map of Welcome Back to Otterville Studio Tour 2019

Look for the yellow flags!

This is my most recently completed painting.  It’s what some of the countryside around here looked like earlier this fall.  I shared it on social media as soon as it was finished, and had interest from more than one potential buyer.  It has now sold, and they’ve chosen to frame it themselves.  They’ve even been kind enough to leave it with me until after the tour, so that I can have it on display.  Although… I’m not sure where I am actually going to do that, as I have so many other recent paintings and fractals to show you!  It’s been a very creative year.

Three Kilns. Watercolour on Paper. 11×15″. Artist Lianne Todd.  SOLD


Algarve Coastline

On my third full day in Albufeira, Portugal, I took a coastal cave and dolphin-watching tour, which I had booked before arriving.  This involved me finding my way to the marina on my own, as my villa-mates were still in Lisbon.  I could have taken a cab, but I wanted to try out the buses, as they were much cheaper!  I had already scoped out which bus routes I needed to take, but it remained to be seen how long it would take to get there. I was using Albufeira’s Giro bus system, which doesn’t exactly have a set schedule.  As my tour time was noon, I felt confident I could make it on time!  And I did, although it wasn’t without a few glitches.  For instance, I hadn’t taken into account the elevation change from one street to another on the map, and for a few moments wondered “how do I get down there?”  All became clear eventually, and I arrived a solid half hour before the tour.

(All images copyrighted as usual.  To see them larger, just click on them 🙂 )

I took a lot of photos that day, but this captures the essence of the tour quite well.
This one is very representative too.
Here is a cave, which appeared quite small from the boat. The ocean swells were quite large and it seemed like we might crash into the rocks at any moment…. but…
The expert boat drivers took us right inside the cave! I couldn’t believe it.

We spent the first hour going west along the coastline from Albufeira.  Then we went out to sea to find dolphins.  Alas!  None made themselves visible that day.  Pretty disappointing, BUT I had seen what must have been at least a hundred of them from the airplane as we came in for a landing at Faro airport.  It was amazing!

Also, as you come in to Faro, you can see some great examples of fractals (not sure what fractals are? see my fractal art here)  If you go to a satellite view of Faro and look just south of it – zoom in to that marshy area between Faro and the open ocean – you’ll see what I mean.  Self similar on smaller and smaller scales!

After about an hour of speeding around on the open ocean, we headed back to the marina.  During this entire tour I was keeping very close tabs on my new sunglasses – they were the kind that came with my prescription glasses and attached via magnets.  It was windy out there.  Well, in spite of my attention I got back to the marina, sat down to enjoy a cappuccino, and discovered they were gone!  I retraced my steps, and the tour hosts were very nice about letting me get back on the boat to look there, but they were nowhere to be found.  So, I was a little sad at the end, but it was a very enjoyable tour.  Thanks Dream Wave!

Arriving back at the marina, a.k.a. ‘Legoland’
Later the same day, a better sunset – a sky quite worthy of painting, but I didn’t. Maybe another day I will incorporate it into one!

The next day, I decided to walk to another one of the Albufeira beaches, also about a half hour away.  This was Praia Da Oura.  Another lovely walk!  Here are a few photos from there:

There is a large hotel you can see there which looks a bit like a cruise ship.

As you can see, it wasn’t exactly the best beach weather but it was nice enough.  You could hike up to the top of the cliffs, too, if you wanted.  I imagine there is a fair bit of erosion each year due to this.

There were some interesting arches and caves to explore…

And the sun did come out for about 15 minutes.  I took full advantage and did a little sunbathing!

The colours are so much nicer when the sun shines.

When the sun went under again, I went further down the beach and found some interesting rock textures and little tide pools.

Then, I settled myself down in a nice dry sheltered spot and began to paint.  Here is what I ended up with that day:

Praia Da Oura. Watercolour on Paper. 8×10″. Artist Lianne Todd

Oh, and guess what?  I am getting new matching sunglasses soon – the company who makes them is being very kind to me.  🙂

Oxford Studio Tour

May 6 & 7 is only two weeks away!  Some of you may have taken the opportunity to drive around the countryside of Oxford County, Ontario in previous years, so you know what a fantastic selection of original art can be found.  You also know how much fun a daytrip or weekend jaunt like this can be if you pair up with a friend or family member, or gather a carload of them.  We have 18 locations featuring 38 artists, and our brochures are available all over the county in libraries, tourist offices, and businesses, as well as at each studio.  Admission is absolutely free, and all you do is follow the maps and the red signs to get to each studio.  Then you just wander in!  The artists will be there to answer any questions you have (we love when you ask questions), and will leave you alone if all you want to do is enjoy the feast for your eyes.

Below is a small sampling of my own art, in case you are new to it.  I paint traditional subject matter with watercolours and I also do fractal art, all on various surfaces.  Thanks for reading and I hope you’ll stop by my open studio/gallery, at the back of my home which is Location #3.  I’m in Otterville, which is a little off the beaten track for many travelers but it’s worth the drive.  I’m easy to find, on Main Street near the historic mill and waterfall.  And my good friends Sue Goossens and Rhonda Franks, whose work I admire very much, are nearby at Location #4, along with Ashley Beecraft.  I’ve never met her but she makes really cool looking ‘misfit beasts’.

See you soon!

Lianne Todd Art Samples

Oxford Studio Tour basic information

Festival of Creativity

Last year was the first year of the Halls Creek Festival of Creativity, and it was a really good experience.  It’s coming up again already this weekend, and I’m looking forward to it very much!

There are a lot of activities for everyone, over 60 artists exhibiting, lots of classes and demos happening, live music playing, delicious food to taste, and even an instrument petting zoo where you can try out all the musical instruments on display.

I will be exhibiting a variety of the art that I have currently available in my home gallery – traditional watercolours, watercolours on alternate surfaces, fractal watercolours, digital fractal original metal prints, even one of the scarves I designed.  I’ll also be painting at my booth – might as well absorb some of that creative energy around me and put it to good use!

Check out the website for details – for some of the workshops you need to sign up ahead of time.  Just a reminder – Ingersoll is only about an hour and a half from downtown Toronto, and only a half hour from London!  Why not make a day of it?


Wearable Art!

I am now a designer of wearable art!  Please visit my other blog, fractaliart.com to see the details of this new part of my artistic career, or just click on the image below to start shopping!


Two shows coming up!

The first show is at the Elm Hurst Inn in Ingersoll, just off the 401.  The opening is in the evening (beginning 6:30 pm) on the Thursday July 16, and the show runs through to September.  The Elm Hurst is a lovely place to spend time dining, but if you would like to come to the show opening there will be refreshments, and there is no obligation to stay for dinner.  The gallery is in the hallway separating the reception desk and lobby from the restaurant area.

This show will mainly feature my fractal art.  You may wish to learn more about that at my other site, FractaLiArt.com.

OCCElmhurst_07_16 lowres


The second show is an outdoor art festival at the Quai du Vin Estate Winery, which is near Sparta, Ontario.  It is just for one day, the Sunday July 19 from 11 am to 7 pm, rain or shine.  So let’s hope it doesn’t rain!  This show will mainly feature my traditional watercolours, and I’ll be exhibiting a few new pieces that are winery-themed.

OTW Poster Web

Oxford Studio Tour 2015

It’s April!  Hopefully no one is fooling you today, or if they are, it’s all good fun.

There are still a few days left in A Fractal Universe at the Station Arts Centre in Tillsonburg.  I’m not sure what their hours are on Easter weekend so if you are thinking of going, please check with them.  They are not usually open on Sundays, anyway.  I’ve been very pleased with the turnout for the show and feedback from my peers.  Thank you to all who have taken the time to view it.

Soon, many of them will be home again, though a few have been designated for elsewhere.  Then it’s time to get my studio and gallery ready for the Oxford Studio Tour!  There will be a few new fractal prints ready for the studio tour, as well as some new paintings.  I hope that many of you are making plans to come.

Here is the poster with some information.  For more, please visit our website.

2015 oxford studio poster sm

Pics of the current show

This will take you to today’s post on my other site.  Just a few Pics of the current show.  Hope you can make it out to see the show in person if you are in the area!  Thank you to those who those who did come to the opening on Friday, and to all those who came out to the original show in London last summer!



Show Opens Tonight 7-9 pm


A Fractal Universe coming to Tillsonburg

Hello everyone, I am back from a writing break to tell you about the show I have coming up at the Tillsonburg Station Arts Centre.  It will consist entirely of fractals – the same ones I had on display in London last summer, minus the ones that sold already.  The show will consist of 31 pieces of art: 16 watercolours, 14 pieces of original digital art printed on metal, and one photograph.  I’m excited that everyone in this area, who weren’t able to make it to the show at The ARTS Project in London, will have another chance to see these pieces together and come to a new understanding of how mathematics plays a role in the beauty of our universe.  The show opens March 6, and runs until April 7.  A reminder:  my other site Fractaliart.com will provide you with much more insight into this show.