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Happy Holidays!

It is the time of year we reach out to friends, bring our families closer together if we can, and are extra nice to strangers.  Even if we are remiss in some areas the rest of the year, at least we do it the once!  And what a year it has been.

For me, it has been a good year.  I have painted a number of paintings I am happy with, I am happy to have sold several pieces of my art, I’ve been lucky enough to do some traveling to far away places, I’ve made new friends, and I’ve been able to spend time with several of the special people in my life.  I hope your year has been good too.  But if it hasn’t, remember:  a new year is coming, and when things are bad, they will get better.  They will.

Now I am going to share with you one of the pieces I painted as a result of my trip west.  This was a scene on one of our hikes.  It was in the Valley of the Five Lakes – the same hike I talked about in “A watercolour inspired by this summer’s trip to Jasper“.  This painting is called Fourth Lake, Jasper.  It is amazing how the scenes change along a single hike and depending on the direction you look.

If by any chance you are still gift shopping and you wish to browse my gallery (watercolours and fractal art available!), please know you are welcome – just contact me here or send me a facebook message, or phone me (519-879-9903) (be sure to leave a message if I don’t answer!).  Don’t hesitate to ask for an evening appointment.  If I don’t see you, I wish you all the best this holiday season.

Fourth Lake, Jasper. Watercolour on Paper. 11×15″. Artist Lianne Todd. $280.00


Tour Story

A friend of ours who happens to be a good writer and photographer put together a story with a picture for us.  Pretty nice, huh?  Looking forward to this weekend!

“Discovering artistic inspiration can be a combination of search and being open to unexpected rescue.
Professional Otterville-area artist Sue Goossens regularly sources its vibrant interpretation through natural scenes from The Muskokas to British Columbia, but has also found it in patterns of light and shadows along the edge of a woods in her own rural backyard.
“We can forget Oxford County is a beautiful place to live and find inspiration.”
It can also strike in the most unlikely of circumstances, tangible and imagined potential represented in an abandoned farmstead igniting a creative spark.
“In a sense, it was kind of finding something in the middle of nowhere,” said Tabitha Verbuyst whose route to an unrelated destination happened to coincide with a derelict house surrounded by a few trees in the middle of a field, stark solitude speaking silently to her through shattered windowpanes.
“I’ve always been drawn to the architecture of broken, abandoned and forgotten things,” she explained of a resultant mixed-media piece in ink and watercolour. “It always intrigues me, you wonder what happened, what stories are there here?”
There is no definitive roadmap to inspiration but the 9th Annual Oxford Studio tour does provide one to a wide-ranging exhibition of the county’s artistic community’s creative minds, spirit and processes Saturday, April 30 and Sunday, May 1 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. both days.
Thirty-one artists are sharing their passion and vision in an event which from inception has been a tour of artists, driven by artists who this year are displaying works including oil, watercolour, acrylic, coffee and walnut ink, and mixed-media paintings, sculpted, thrown and decorative ceramic works, unique and functional stoneware, artisanal jewellery in precious metal clay, gold, sterling silver and precious stones, fine-art photography reflecting international travel or exploring Oxford’s own rural scenes, to ‘funky, folky’ creations from a potter with a passion for primitive rug hooking, and woven creations featuring fibre, beads and paint.
“The common denominator is artistic creativity,” says Deb Beard, General Manager for Tillsonburg’s Station Arts Centre, as well as an exhibiting potter. “You will see diversity in the type of media and types of work presented and because of that, people will be able to connect with various artists through work on different levels.”
Tour participants tend to be a mix of newcomers and returnees says Beard, mostly day-trippers who may visit half the tour’s artists one year and half the next. They represent a wide demographic as well as range of ages. Those seeking physical roadmaps can find them via the tour’s website www.oxfordstudiotour.caor on glossy full-colour flyers including brief bios and contact information for each artist.
Flyers have been distributed from Toronto to Windsor and as far north as Owen Sound, and are available at the Station Arts Centre, Tillsonburg’s Annandale National Historic Site, Ingersoll’s Creative Arts Centre, the Woodstock Art Gallery, Woodstock Library and Tourism Oxford at the Woodstock Quality Inn and Suites, Museum London and Panache Gallery, libraries or art centres in London Westmount, Paris, Dundas and Stratford, the Glenhyrst Art Gallery in Brantford, as well as a range of retail outlets in those communities. Interested persons may also call 519-842-6151 for more information.
Geographically, artists are exhibiting from New Dundee in the county’s northeast, Thamesford in the west to Tillsonburg in the south as well as many points in between, which provides mixed challenge and opportunity.
Heather Benton was a newcomer to the county five years ago when she took her first Oxford studio tour.
“I’m a city girl and from a city girl’s perspective, Oxford looked like a lot of flat land – and then you realized there are all sorts of back, country roads. The tour took us into farms, country houses, little hamlets, it wasn’t just discovering art, it was discovering Oxford County.”
Participating artists are very friendly, very welcoming, says Benton, who felt ‘no pressure to buy.
“A nice introduction to the artistic community and certainly a beautiful introduction to springtime in Oxford.””

Some of my artist friends outside the Station Arts Centre.

Some of my artist friends outside the Station Arts Centre.

Oxford Studio Tour next weekend

It is that time of year again and the studio tour begins one week from tomorrow!  I usually blog about it before this, so I apologize if this is the first you are hearing about it.  We do have posters and brochures out all over the place, and banners as well.

This year we have thirty-one artists on the tour at seventeen locations, so it’s a little more manageable than other years.  Spring is finally here to stay and Oxford County’s fields are really greening up.  You are in for a nice drive if you do venture out to see us.  As usual, I’m at my home in the south end of the county.  Here’s a map of the tour – I’m the purple pin near the bottom, Stop #6 on the tour, in Otterville.  It takes about 45 minutes to get here from south London, 40 minutes from Brantford, 30 minutes from Simcoe, Ingersoll, or Woodstock, an hour from Stratford, an hour from Hamilton, an hour from Kitchener/Waterloo.  So, a pretty nice day trip from a lot of locations!

I have new art to show and I’m excited to have the opportunity to meet more new people who have never seen any of my art before.

One piece you won’t see at my gallery is this one, which I’ve finally finished and which is being delivered today to the couple who received a gift certificate for a commissioned piece for their wedding.  They took the reference for it on their honeymoon.  I wish them many happy years enjoying the memories that will reside on their wall!

Venice 2015. Watercolour on Paper. 15x22". Lianne Todd. Commissioned.

Venice 2015. Watercolour on Paper. 15×22″. Lianne Todd.

Welcoming tourists!

I’m really enjoying meeting and talking to everyone who has come out to Otterville so far!

10 a.m. to 5 p.m. today and tomorrow, we are waiting to welcome you here.  Come and enjoy the hot cranberry wassail at my studio/gallery.

Here is my gallery during a quiet spell this morning:

P1020325 P1020324 P1020323 P1020322

Welcome Back to Otterville

It’s that time of year again!

Today I will be taking down my exhibit at the Ingersoll library, and in the next week I’ll be rearranging my gallery at home so I can show studio tourists the most art possible during Welcome Back to Otterville, November 15 & 16, 10 am to 5 pm.

I have never had this many pieces of art to exhibit in my home gallery, (due to the addition of a great deal of fractal art!) and it’s going to be a challenge – good thing I have high ceilings, and a few extra wall panels!  I still think it won’t all fit, so if you arrive and you don’t see something you thought I had, please let me know – I may have it stored in my studio.

Here is some information about the tour.  (Click for a larger image).  This is available in postcard form at many places around the area, and all of us on the tour will have some.  Look for the yellow flags when you get to town.  This tour will be very do-able in an afternoon, and we’re only an hour from London, an hour from Stratford, an hour from Hamilton, an hour from Kitchener/Waterloo.  In the middle of nowhere and the centre of everything!



(Note this map has one more stop than the one on the printed postcard due to the addition of one more studio on the tour after they went to print)


Also, I have a new sign out front!  Looking forward to everyone’s visit.



Oxford Studio Tour

This is the 7th year of the Oxford Studio Tour, and I have participated in and helped organize all of them.  It feels like the past year has gone by in a flash!  Well, except for that endless winter we just had.  Spring is here now, though, and on May 3rd and 4th,  you’ll be able to see that as you drive around Oxford County, Ontario with your friends or family, and take in all the art.

This year is proving to be one of my busiest.  One of the many things I’ve done is update the entire studio tour website for this year – I did that last year too, and my son did it the year before.  I learned HTML code!  Sort of.

I have lots of art for you to come and see at my gallery, and I hope you’ll make it to my location (#6) when touring!  I do hope you’ll see all the artists on the tour because there is so much talent and hard work that goes into this every year.  However, it’s a very large county and some of you may decide to just do part of the tour this year, and part another year.  I know this has been the case in past years, and being in one of the more ‘remote’ parts of the county, we sometimes get bypassed.  So please forgive me for boldly directing you this way.  It’s definitely worth it to make Otterville one of your tour destinations.  There are four of us exhibiting in this small area.  Of those four, three of us are actively involved in organizing the tour.  Rhonda Franks is the graphic designer for our brochures, Sue Goossens is the founder and chief organizer of the tour, and I edit the artists’s blurbs and establish the number order, as well as taking care of updating the website.

If you haven’t been to Otterville, we have a lovely waterfall at the Otterville dam, (you might even see a bald eagle!) and a very picturesque historic mill.  There is also a beautiful park which you take a walking bridge across the creek to get to.  It’s great for a picnic lunch, and it has a nice playground if you are touring with children.  If you are looking for a place to eat, there is Brown’s restaurant on the corner of Hwy 59 and Otterville Rd., which serves a nice home-cooked style meal, and there is the restaurant at Otter Creek Golf Club, at the west end of town.

In addition to this, there is a Ribfest going on in Norwich (about 7 min. away by car) on the Saturday.  I’m not sure of the exact time and location, but my glimpse of the sign tells me it’s $25, and a friend tells me it is hosted by the Lions Club.  I don’t know any more than that but if you need more information about it I can probably find it for you, just contact me by email or Facebook.

Welcome tourists!


This Weekend is the Oxford Studio Tour!

I hope to see a lot of visitors this year, old and new!

For complete detailed maps to all the studios, including maps of each cluster in towns and cities, visit the Artists 2013 – By Location page at the tour’s website.   There is also a map of the complete tour.

Brochures with full artist listings and a map of the whole tour are located throughout the county at places like libraries, tourist centres, art supply stores, and local businesses.  Look for the red signs to direct you while on the tour.

My studio is Stop #6, GPS 42.926174,-80.605402

Have a great weekend with some friends or family touring the newly greened up countryside and enjoy all the creativity Oxford County has to offer – especially at the south end of the county! 😉

13-002 Oxford ST Poster 2013.indd