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10 responses to “Landscapes

  1. okay, I would like to know prices please, because your landscapes are amazing! you are an amazing painter, I love your work, and oh my gosh, im going to own one!! wow! totally out of this world exceptional!!

    • Thank you Laura! 😀 Most of the 11×15″ pieces are $280.00, framed; the 15×22″ pieces are $450.00, framed; the 22×30″ pieces are $900.00, framed. Any other sizes are somewhere in between. Hope that helps! Commissions cost a bit more.

  2. Christy Craven

    I love your work! Having grown up in Otterville, many of your paintings strike a cord in me. The next time I make it home. it would be nice to actually view some in person.
    Christy Craven

  3. Inese Poga Art Gallery

    I really liked your watercolours, my favorite is the Otter Creek. Nice to see such a great work!

  4. Nice Work

  5. Hi Lianne
    Look forward to seeing you and your latest works of art tomorrow.

  6. Hi Barbara,
    Thanks for visiting and commenting! I know, you’re good at visiting 🙂 and I’m not! Seriously though, I’m glad you like them.

  7. Guess you have been busy. I really like the “landscapes”. Have to spend some time looking at them and decide which one(s) I like the best.

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